The structure

Geometry and Mathematical Physics School (GEOMAPS) is a national, Danish PhD school initiated 1 January 2008 based on a grant from the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation

The research school is a collaboration between five Danish research teams:

The research

GEOMAPS focuses on research at the interface of geometry and mathematical physics.

Research in this area has produced many fundamental results both in mathematics and physics. They include classical mechanics, electrodynamics, Einstein gravity and modern quantum theories of elementary particles. An important ingredient in this development was the general understanding of the notion of symmetry and symmetry transformations. A unifying quantum theory involving gravity is, however, still missing.

Scientists world-wide make great efforts to develop a mathematically consistent theory which does exactly that. Perhaps, the most promising candidate to unify both gravity and modern quantum field theory into a new paradigm is String Theory.

Working on geometrical aspects of such theories will constitute the main project-theme of the proposed research school.

The Goals

The goal of GEOMAPS is threefold:

  • Raise a new generation of mathematicians and theoretical physicists in Denmark with a common language and the ability to freely operate at the interface of Geometry and Mathematical Physics.
  • Unify the individual efforts of existing groups within the area in Denmark and thereby consolidate and strengthen our combined standing internationally.
  • Develop an online knowledge-base in Geometry and Mathematical Physics, hosted at the research school.
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